Director-Admin’s Message

Dear Students

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome our present as well as the incoming 2016 batches of GRD Institutes. World is changing very fast to cope up the changing scenario of technology, one has to adopt upto-date modern tools for their development and progress. Our students are the real wealth of the nation. The Institute is the real platform where students not only touch the academic standards but also learn leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, skill to work in a team in an knowledge sharing environment and overall personality development. It is our moral duty and collective responsibility to inculcate the confidence in students to realize their dreams.

GRD Institutes was established with a vision to evolve a unique system of education that increases the relevance of higher education. This College is committed to provide a place where boundaries of subject discipline fade and students are exposed to a new way of finding comprehensive and total solution. A strong bond between the faculty, students and corporate world has been established with the aim of making ethical leaders for tomorrow. The College provides a learning platform that promotes innovation, leadership, and academic research.

My dream is that GRD IMT Dehradun should not be a mere top class national institute but it should be a global institute, where student should feel proud to be an alumnus. It is our sincere effort in order to be successful in this direction; our faculty is dedicated to students for excellent academic records and overall development to meet the professional challenges with confidence.

I wish you all a very happy and meaningful stay in the institute.

Mrs. Lata Gupta

Director Administration