Computer Science & Engineering

About The Department

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is renowned for imparting state of the art undergraduate education and preparing its students for real world challenges. The undergraduate curriculum provides a strong foundation in the Field of Computer Science & Engineering . The Department provides World Class computing facilities to the students. It also promotes active industry-academia collaboration.Computer science Engineering graduates are the pillars of the information era.

Job Opportunities

Computer Science Engineering graduates have a plethora of opportunities include pursuing Master of Science Programs in reputed Universities in India and U.S. and can take up research assignments in Hardware, System Software, Computer Engineering, Multimedia, Networking and Communication areas.

Job opportunities are ever increasing and are varied in nature. System study, analysis, design and programming are the inherent phases in Application Development and each one of them provides enormous potential to the Computer Science and engineering graduates to shape themselves in their career. Hi-end profiles include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Graphic Solutions and Simulations.

With globalization of the Indian economy, vast opportunities of growth have been thrown open for the computer software and hardware industry. Software being one of the largest growing sectors of the Indian economy, the department of Computer Science Engineering, GRD IMT has been at the forefront of churning out software engineers with a high caliber of technical expertise. It continues to foster and engender the innovation and breadth of vision necessary to excel in the blooming software market. The experienced faculty exposes the would be computer engineers to a rigorous and exhaustive curriculum designed to bring out the best in them and to keep them in touch with latest developments in the field.

Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of stress is laid on hands-on training and overall, development of the individuals personality. The teaching program has been devised keeping in view close interaction with the industry.


  • Oracle lab
  • Java Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Design Analysis Algorithm Lab
  • Compiler Design Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • Network Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Unix and Shell programing lab
  • Database Management System (DBMS) Lab
  • Data Structure Lab
  • Operating System(OS) Lab
  • Compiler Design Lab
  • VISUAL Programing Lab
  • .Net Lab
  • OOPS Lab

Scope & Employability

Software engineers often work as part of a team that designs new hardware, software, and systems. A core team may comprise engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and design people, who work together to release a product. Software engineers can be involved in the design and development of many types of software, including computer games, word processing and business applications, operating systems and network distribution, and compilers, which convert programs to machine language for execution on a computer. Computing professionals might find themselves in a variety of environments in academia, research, industry, government, private and business organizations

  • Analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multi-media equipment, or working in teams for product development. Here’s a short list of research and vocational areas in computing.
  • Develop computers that simulate human learning and reasoning ability.
  • Design new computer circuits, microchips, and other electronic components and Computer Architecture
  • Design new computer instruction sets, and combine electronic or optical components to provide powerful but cost-effective computing.
  • To produce high quality Computer Science and Engineering professionals adaptable to the changing environment, with all-round managerial capabilities, and commitment to the Society.