Finance Management has been and will continue to be a major necessity since most businesses and organizations understand the value of properly managing their assets. Financial management is focused on the planning and controlling the financial resources and expenses of any industry. A bachelor’s degree in finance can help you to work in commercial banking, investment banking, insurance, money management, financial planning and so on. But an MBA in Finance will assist you move up the corporate ladder and get additional prominence and opportunities in your job. Such courses offer students a deep understanding of financial management, interpersonal skills, technological proficiency professional insight, managerial skills and business skills.

Finance, a long-standing favorite specialist area for many MBA graduates, has taken a hit in popularity amongst applicants in recent years, following the global financial crisis. However, as we continue to counter to the ongoing financial events around the world, altering our teaching techniques and activities to incorporate the lessons that need to be learnt from such economically game-changing events, employers continue to appraise the modern approach of finance MBA graduates. Our finance students hold honorable posts in well known companies and Industries like Finance, Banking and PSUs as well.

Specialization in Finance addresses issues relating to financial services and securities, with relevant coverage of high technology firms, large corporations, and entrepreneurial companies. The Finance stream will go through the details of following domains:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Banking Management