Chairman’s Message

Dear Students

It is my great privilege to greet you on behalf of GRD Institutes. We truly believe that an excellence in education is achieved only when students learn what is most relevant to them and to the society, and when such superior knowledge and skills are taught using scientific and researched knowledge by skilled professors who love their subjects and their students. Students cannot become gems until they are polished by eminent teachers. Dedicated and effective teachers who possess the potential to inspire the students to give their best, are the true harbingers of quality education.

With this in mind, we continue to bring on-board, excellent faculty and provide enabling academic and physical infrastructure. We will continue to invest in classrooms and keep on upgrading our workshops and labs. The society expects us to impart knowledge and skills which holds the relevance to local, national, regional and global relevance. Our students must embrace not only the inclusive academic potential but be worth of leading the world. Generating employability, entrepreneurship and skills required by the industry continues to be our prime focus. Inculcating ethics and values are the very corner stones of our education fundamentals. We are here to create academic culture through a well-thought philosophy of creating a rich body of knowledge within our GRD institutes and pursue research to create GRD a world-class Group of Institutes.

We have embarked upon the journey and are well on our way to attainment of our Vision cherished by every member of GRD Institutes.

I wish my every student of GRD Institutes, a very bright future and every member of the institute great personal and professional success in turning our dreams true. Let us commit ourselves to the gigantic task of national-building through our quality academics.

Sardar Raja Singh
GRD Group of Institutions