Director’s Message

Dear Students

I extend my heartiest welcome to all brilliant and ambitious young students who have enthusiastically opted for a wonderful career in the field of engineering and management. In GRD-IMT we endeavour to strive in educating and training the future engineers, technologists and managers who would not only be fit to lead regionally or nationally but also internationally. The global technological advances, information revolution and the way we transact businesses continue to be disrupted, opening multiple and multifaceted challenges as well as affording opportunities for our students to join the bandwagon to be a part of the change by innovating and inventing new products and offering new services and solutions.

In your endeavour to excel, GRD-IMT and its faculty shall always be with you so that you are able to achieve resounding success. We aim to impart useful knowledge that is substantially linked to your employability in the industry. We will make sure that you hone-in such skills which come handy to you wherever you go. We will make you a self-confident person and a superior personality by not only imparting knowledge but skilling you appropriately, imbibing analytical thinking, improving interpersonal communication and presentation skills and inculcating values and ethics that go on to make you a fit person for jobs, entrepreneurial start-ups and capable of higher education and research.

We assure you that all our engineering departments shall build significant intellectual capital, create adequate academic and physical infrastructure that would squarely deliver on your courses and programs outcomes.

We wish all the best in your endeavours.

Dr. Om Vir Singh

Director, GRD IMT