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Electronics & Communication Engineering

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The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering was established in 2008.

The department keeps track of the latest developments in the field of electronics and communication in terms of its teaching program and laboratory activities. In addition to core subjects in the field of Electronics, a range of allied subjects are taught to prepare the student for diverse roles in the IT industry. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at our institute has a rigorous quality assessment rating for teaching.

Apart from teaching , the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is actively involved in conducting several events throughout the course of the year like seminars, projects and presentations.

Technical Workshops:

The Department conducts various workshops, faculty development programs and seminars in association with leading companies.

Guest Lecturers:

From time to time, the Department organizes lectures by professionals, expert faculties and academia of various organizations.

Vision & Mission

What is Electronics & Communication Engineering?

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Electronics & Communication Engineering Curriculum

Electronics & Communication Specializations


Departmental Laboratories provides exposure to the students with latest measuring equipments and real time environment of latest wireless technology. These are the places where students verify their theoretical knowledge with practical results. Students are taught to work on MATLAB and with other simulation as well as optimization tools.

Research and Publications

Workshop & Seminar

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Scope & Employability

Electronics and communication Engineering is one of the core branches of Engineering.

Opportunities and intellectual challenges in the Electronics and Communication industry have grown by leaps and bounds, particularly in the field of space exploration, industrial and commercial automation, computational technology and telecommunications.

Automation at home and at work is driving the electronic industry to innovate ways of incorporating electronic technology into daily life.

Electronics engineers are involved in the R&D, design, construction and operation of electronic systems and devices for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use.

As communication engineers,students will get chance to work in the communication industry, automobile industry, or in robotics. They will work on electrical circuits in all kinds of applications. As specialists they may focus on computing systems, industrial equipment, aerospace equipment (avionics) or biomedical devices.

Work in these sectors essentially involves research, design and development, manufacture, servicing, sales, marketing and teaching.

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