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About The Department

Mechanical engineering is the oldest branch of Engineering that has found innumerable applications since prehistoric time’s .Today as we embark on new technological Developments, the field of Mechanical Engineering has widened tremendously to include Nano Materials & Technology, Renewable Energy, Computer Aided Design and Advance Manufacturing, Robotics, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering besides conventional core areas.

Mechanical engineers-The Designer of world use principles of science along with tools like computer-aided engineering and product life-cycle management to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices. Mechanical engineering has wide spectrum of application in automobile engineering, aerospace engineering, metallurgical engineering, marine engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, petroleum engineering, and chemical engineering.

Automobile Engineering as specialized program of mechanical engineering deals with the study of Automotive-drawing, design and manufacturing of automobile and their respective subsystem. An automobile engineer incorporates elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering in manufacturing, assembling and operation of automotive vehicles.


India is a home to many Indian and International well established automobile companies. They offer

Excellent jobs opportunities to develop a career in automobile industry and this in turn creates strong demands for automobile engineers.

The department came into existence in 2010. The department has highly dedicated, competent and experienced faculty having expertise in different areas like thermal engineering, CFD, metal forming, composite material, CAD, CAM and Tribology. The department has come out with many outstanding research projects both at B.Tech. and M.Tech. Level in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

The department has an active student’s college club of mechanical Engineering. Through the club, students participate and organize guest lectures, technical and model making competition, training and workshop.

Vision & Mission

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Course Summary


When you are wondering about what course or program of study you should take up, try to think of things that inspires and excites you. What gets you thinking? When are you most enthused? Where do you want to be in ten years’ time? That way, you can be sure of choosing a course that you will both enjoy and benefit from. GRD offers an extensive range of modern, relevant and job-oriented UG and PG programs in engineering, management in India. Mechanical Engineering

Course Duration: 4 YEAR (Lateral Entry) Mechanical Engineering

Course Duration: 3 year

About Program

The Mechanical Engineering program at the GRD incorporates all technical systems (fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, heat transfer, control systems, computer applications, automation, machines, mathematics, and physics etc.). Management, Environmental, and Economics form a basis for a modern day mechanical engineer. The center of attention during the course is on the development of technical skill so that the outcome of the course, moulds the scholar to work on design & application in the field of developing new technologies in different sectors viz construction, robotics, automobile, power sector and many more.

Higher Education

A good number of students chose the higher degree program in India and abroad in technical, management and other sectors. Mechanical Engineering department has a affluent history of successful students in getting admissions in the reputed institutes worldwide. Manufacturing Science and Engineering

Course Duration- 2 year

About Program

The M.Tech program in Mechanical Engineering is offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering to cater to the needs of advanced studies in the notable areas of Mechanical Engineering and technology. The Program is based on the credit system and provides a student with a wide choice of specialized courses and research oriented project work. The program is intended to advance the state of knowledge of scholars through balanced curriculum, guided course work and research projects in the frontier areas of manufacturing Engineering.

Higher Education

Many students join doctoral and post-doctoral programs of reputed Universities in India and abroad.

Examination & Syllabus

2nd Year

3rd and 4th Year

Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

Mechanical Engineering Specializations


Lab-Department of Mechanical Engineering

The department has fully equipped labs supervised by experienced faculty members. There are trained technicians to help the students in performing the experiments.

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab

Heat and Mass transfer is an important area of Mechanical Engineering. The lab provides the facilities for imparting practical on the related concepts of heat and mass transfer in thermal power plants, gas turbines, steam turbines and Heat exchangers.

Refrigeration & air Conditioning lab

RAC (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning) is one of the most important contributions of Mechanical Engineering to the present day civilization. The lab has state of the art facilities for providing the hands-on experience to the students. Knowledge of domestic refrigerators and its various components, concepts of cooling and heating systems.

I.C. Engine Lab

The lab has up-to-date equipment for conducting experiments in the course of internal combustion Engines. Mechanical and Automobile Engineering students are exposed essential practical aspects of the engine parts of automotive vehicles.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Fluid Lab

Fluid Mechanics lab has the equipment needed to impart practical knowledge to the students in the essential area of Mechanical Engineering. Hydraulic Impulse and Reaction type Turbines, Centrifugal and reciprocating pumps and Flow measuring equipment are some of the example of the equipment in this lab

Strength of Materials Lab

Testing of materials for their strength under the action of external loads are studied in this lab. Knowledge of strength of Metals and nonmetals is essentials before its use in any structure and designing.

Material Science Lab

Muffle Furnace, Inverted Metallographic, Microscope, Abrasive Cutoff Machine and PC/ Set up, ultra sonic machine for microstructure determination are some examples of typical updated equipments available in the lab to cater the knowledge of material properties.


Computer Aided Drafting is taught using common software like AutoCAD, Cero etc. used by 1St year (All branches) & (Mechanical) in general. Here, students love to spend hours together practicing these high end software in air-conditioned computer labs.

Automobile Lab

The lab has updated equipments needed for imparting practical insights in the study of Automobile Engineering. Various elements like transmission, suspension, chassis etc. are dealt with.

Measurement & Metrology Lab

Measurement and Metrology is one the most important areas related to Quality Control – as found on shop floors. The lab has fully developed set of equipments to make the students industry ready.

Dynamics Of Machines Lab

The lab has various models to demonstrate the important concepts of Kinematics of Machines. Besides these, equipments necessary for providing practical understanding of the important concepts of balancing of machine parts, vibrations in machine, parts, flywheels and gear drives are studied in it.

Central Workshop

We have the state of the art facilities in central workshop having machine shop, Engine Lathe, Center Lathe, Carpentry shop. Fitting shop. Foundry, Fabrication shop, Welding Shop. Students have the facility to complete their projects in the workshop for vehicle manufacturing and assembling of parts.

Research and Publications

Workshop & Seminar

Industrial Tours & Various Outings

Regular Academic Activity


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