Electrical Engineering

Examination & Syllabus

1st & 2nd Year

About The Department

A degree in Electrical Engineering leads to specialization in broad band wireless communication, signal processing, optical and computer networks. The program includes probability and random processes, communication systems and digital signal processing. A number of advanced electives are available in the areas of digital communication, information theory, coding theory, wireless communications, speech & image signal processing, optical and data networks. Comprehensive Laboratory training covers implementation on DSP processors & Advanced Wireline.

The students opting for this stream are expected to have a basic knowledge in the areas of analog & digital communications, signal processing. Knowledge of mathematical concepts like signals and systems (LTI systems and basic transform theory) probability & random-processes is expected.

Our Aim

Our aim is to spearhead research and innovation in emerging areas of electrical engineering and to create an enabling environment to train innovative, capable and highly motivated intellectual manpower to meet India’s techno logical needs in close partnership with the industry.