Information Technology

At the heart of any MBA program lays a course of study in business management, strategy and economics. However, business runs on information, and in today’s world, information is shared through technology. Whether or not the technology comes within the kind of a CASH register, data warehouse or robotics production, knowing the way to incorporate it into a company is important to modern business. An MBA in information Technology integrates business management and technology knowledge into an advanced graduate program.

Our objective for specialization in information Technology is to gear our blossoming managers with an operational study of technology, new skills and views, and to provide them with cross-disciplinary exposure so they’ll expand technology in various organizations. Students practice case study research and classroom discussions of forefront, contemporary scenarios to directed research.. The training pedagogy is to empower students to drive business conversion through innovative technology.

MBA with specialization in IT open doors for you to a good range of opportunities in each IT and Non IT companies as information and data is needed all over the professionals to look after this domain.

MBA in information Technology Management is meant to provide students with a variety of analytic, strategic and leadership skills whereas meeting the requirements of the IT business. The program provides graduates with training and skill that will prepare them for more and more competitive careers within the fast paced areas of Business and information Technology. The IT stream focuses on:

  • System Programming & Design
  • System Information Management
  • Project Management
  • Network Management