Our laboratories comply with the International standards which help the students to be well conversant with the various instruments. By handling the most sophisticated equipments, the students build up a high confidence level, which benefits them in the long run.

  • HPLC (Agilent Technology, Germany)
  • UV double beam spectrophotometer (Shimadzu corporation, Japan)
  • 16 Station Tablet compression machine (Rimek)
  • Rotatory evaporator (Rotavapour)
  • Hand operated capsule filling machine
  • High speed stirrer for nano particles formulations
  • Viscometer (Fungilab)
  • Homogenizers
  • Analgesiometer, rotarod apparatus, Langendorff’s setup, Autoanalyser
  • Modern instruments for drug testing/ evaluation for more than 30 different Pharmacological activities which covers CVS, CNS, GIT, Respiratory, Inflammation, arthritis, Kidney and Pharmacokinetic drug interactions etc.


The high roof workshop consists of shops in the field of fitting, carpentry, machine, smithy, forging, welding, tin-smithy, foundry and pattern making. Mechanical Machine Shop is equipped with Central Lathes, Shaping Machines, Drilling Machines, Electrical shops are fitted with both AC and DC motors, Generators and Alternators with instruments for Circuit and Systems labs.

Computer Centre

GRD IMT has always been to be in the forefront of utilization of IT leveraging its power in making learning innovative & enjoyable for the students.